If Obama Closed Your Case Trump Might Reopen It

If Obama Closed Your Case Trump Might Reopen It

If Obama closed your case, Trump might reopen it. There are over 81,000 (and counting) instances of formerly closed deportation proceedings being reopened by Trump after having been closed by our former President Obama, who was solely focused on the criminal element in our country, rather than those trying to make an honest living.

Trump Might Reopen It…

In the case of Sally Joyner, an immigration attorney in Memphis, Tennessee said one of her Central American clients, who crossed the border with her children in 2013, was allowed to stay in the United States after the government filed a motion to close her case in December 2015.

Since crossing the border, the woman has not been arrested or had trouble with law enforcement, said Joyner, who asked that her client’s name not be used because of the pending legal action.

Nevertheless, on March 29, ICE filed a two-page motion to reopen the case against the woman and her children. When Joyner queried ICE, an official said the agency had been notified that her client had a criminal history in El Salvador, according to documents seen by Reuters.

The woman had been arrested for selling pumpkin seeds as an unauthorized street vendor. Government documents show U.S. authorities knew about the arrest before her case was closed.

Immigration advocates, judges, and attorneys alike are all unhappy with the backlog of immigration cases the Trump administration is creating by revisiting closed cases. An immigration attorney has been cited stating, “They used to only reopen cases if the person was a threat to public safety but now they’re only reopening cases because they want to deport people”.

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Source: Exclusive: Trump targets illegal immigrants who were given reprieves from deportation by Obama | Reuters